CT Atty General Jepsen speaking to Darien LWV


CT Attorney General George Jepsen spoke at the LWV Darien 11-16-2016 meeting on the impact of the recent lower court trial ruling "CT Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) vs Rell". To review a recording of the program, please click here.

LWVCT Fall Conference, October 2016

"Follow the Money: Money in Politics in CT." The 2016 Fall Conference, second session in Hartford. How much of an influence does "dark money" have on the politics of CT? Where does this money come from? How does the Citizen's Election Program in CT push back? Is "dark money" a problem? How does the "Citizens United" decision play into the equation? How can voters track the flow of money? Please watch the video below and join our knowledgeable panel to explore this important topic.

Non-Partisan Policy

for LWV – Darien Board Members

Approved June 2014

 Purpose: We seek to enact policies that protect the well-earned reputation of the League as a civic leader in nonpartisan political activism while balancing Board members’ personal rights to engage in political activity according to their interests. The purpose of this policy is to avoid partisanship or any appearance of partisanship in League activities, particularly involving Voter Service activities during election cycles or referenda.

Guiding Provisions:  Board members with decision making authority concerning election related events should not present the appearance of being affiliated with any candidate potentially participating in a local or regional LWV sponsored event. These events generally involve: municipal candidates, State General Assembly Candidates (State House and Senate), Gubernatorial and elected cabinet positions and locally elected Federal Representatives (House and Senate).

General Provisions: This policy imposes personal political involvement restrictions on the Local League President, VP Voter Service and Board Members with Voter Service Portfolios; Candidates Night Chair, Voters Guide Chair, Issues Study Chair and supporting committee members with decision making authority. Other League Board members are advised to consult provision #7 in their personal political involvement decisions.

Non-Partisan Policy:

  1. The LWV-Darien President, VP-Voter Service and Board members with Voter Service portfolio shall not run for any state-level elective office or any local partisan office, but may run for local nonpartisan office.  This policy does not restrict these Board members from holding elected office but requires them to take a leave of absence from their LWV-Darien Board position during the period they are a declared candidate through election day or when the associated election results are publicly certified.
  2. Board members other than the President, VP-Voter Service and Board members with Voter Service portfolio may serve on the State Central Committee of any political party or Town political party committees but not as Chair or head of a party nominating committee.
  3. Board members are requested to notify the President when accepting a position on a state or local board or commission that is appointed on the basis of party affiliation.  Board members should notify the President of their current or prospective service on other state appointive boards or commissions.
  4. The President may not:
    1. host political fundraising events at any level; nor
    2. make contributions in support of any local or state political campaign or party; nor
    3. make political endorsements, including yard signs, letters to the editor or endorsing campaign or referenda material.
  5. The VP-Voter Service and Board members with Voter Service portfolio may not:
    1. host local level political fundraising events; nor
    2. make contributions in support of any local level political campaign or party; nor
    3. make political endorsements of any local level candidate or party including yard signs, letters to the editor or endorsing campaign or referenda material.
  6. For all other Board positions, the Darien League views participation in caucuses or fundraising events, making political contributions, posting yard signs or making endorsements and signing petitions as an extension of the right to vote.  Thus, the Board members not identified above are permitted to engage in these activities, but should do so with discretion.
  7. Procedurally, Darien LWV members volunteering for election related activities should be vetted for their public association with a particular candidate/political party/issue and should not be chosen if their participation would call into question perceptions of the League’s non-partisan image.
    All Darien LWV Board members should exercise discretion in using media in connection with any political campaign, including but not limited to blogs and social networking sites, so as not to jeopardize the credibility of the League as a nonpartisan organization or impair the League’s effectiveness in the community.
  8. Questions about specific situations should be addressed to the Board’s Executive Committee if the foregoing policies do not resolve the question. The Executive Board retains the authority to require a Board Member’s temporary leave of absence during an election/referenda period if it deems the Board Member’s level of personal involvement calls into question the League’s non-partisan reputation.