Minutes for October 4th, 2017

In attendance: Carolyn Bayne, Nancy Cahoon, Taylor Carter, Joan Davis, Millyn Gaaserud, Stephanie Maher, Nina Miller, Mary Ellen Moore, Laura Mosher,  Sue Okie, Enid Oresman, Clara Sartori, Shelly Skoglund, Susan Spain, Jean Sweeney, Stacey Tie

Call to order: Clara Sartori, Co-President, called the meeting to order at 9:35AM. Clara thanked Susan Spain for taking minutes at September and October meetings.

Approval of September 6th, Meeting, Minutes:  The Minutes were approved as amended: add Stacey Tie to Attendance list.

Treasurer’s Report:  Stephanie Maher distributed the monthly report

Co-President’s Announcements:

  • Clara thanked Elona Vaisnys, CEProud Speaker at our September meeting, who enlightened us on the 3-year CEP initiative which provides public funding for state elections. Our league voted to sign on as a sponsor of this program.
  • Clara announced that David de Milhou of Greenwich, who attended our September, has joined our league.
  • Clara reported that the Fall Kick-Off was a success with 59 in attendance. If you missed it, the program is currently on Channel 79.

Membership:  Jean Sweeney reported that we currently have 62 paid members, and 2 Honorary members. (President’s Note: 62 is the count before we begin 2017-18 membership solicitation. 2016-17 membership final count was 115 plus 2 Honorary members.) We will continue to develop new member outreach efforts.

2017-18 Membership Renewal and Fundraising Drive

  • Jean asked us to stay after the meeting to personalize solicitation materials. A personal contact is our best recruiting tool.
  • Dues are unchanged at $55 Individual and $80 per Household.
  • We will again pair the membership renewal with a fundraising outreach featuring various named giving levels.

Voter Services: Municipal Elections, November 7th

Nancy Cahoon reminded us of the two league sponsored, timed and moderated programs. Volunteers are needed for both.

  • Board of Education Candidate Forum, Thursday October 19th , Town Hall,  7:00 PM
  • Candidates Night, Tuesday Oct 24th, Town Hall 6:30 PM Reception – 7:00 PM Program
  • National Voter Registration Day:
    • On September 26, league volunteers helped register DHS Seniors turning 18 on or before November 7th. Clara thanked volunteers.
    • Needed also are volunteers for DHS registration on Wednesday October 18th, 11AM – 1 PM

Food for Thought: Clara announced that the FFT group addressed a Vietnam documentary and Journalism – biased or not? – at their September 21st gathering. According to Karla Coe who heads the group, FFT will continue their monthly informal discussions on October 19th, 12:30 – 2:00 PM, hosted by Ann Ferris, 30 Hale Lane. All members are invited to these freewheeling discussions of topical news.

Other Information (411)

  • LWV Fall Conference, Saturday October 14, 2017. . .Hamden, CT (see Darien LWV October agenda for details)
  • Podcast “What would Alice Paul Do?” pre-eminent suffragist (not suffragette – thanks Jean!). Podcast recounts how actions of an early 20th century woman brought about the passage of the 19th amendment. (alicepaulpodcast.com)
  • Thanks to cable Channel 79 for live broadcast and subsequent running of both the BOE and Candidates Night forums. Thanks to Jim Cameron for getting our name out through these broadcasts and for coordinating our social media presence.
  • Jim will provide a tutorial at a future league meeting on how to set up Facebook (Connecticut LWV) and Twitter (LWV Darien@lwvdarien) links if you need assistance.
  • Annual Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 8. We are looking for a venue. Discussion on whether we should continue the tradition of a potluck dinner or just cocktails.
    • Clara pointed out that we should focus on simple, smaller events. Volunteers are not out there as in the past. Enid Oresman pointed out that most leagues have shrunk. A discussion on inviting local government representatives for mini-presentations at our events followed.

Adjournment: Members voted to adjourn at 10:10 AM. Several members remained to personalize solicitation materials.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Spain, Co-Secretary