CT Atty General Jepsen speaking to Darien LWV


CT Attorney General George Jepsen spoke at the LWV Darien 11-16-2016 meeting on the impact of the recent lower court trial ruling "CT Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) vs Rell". To review a recording of the program, please click here.

LWVCT Fall Conference, October 2016

"Follow the Money: Money in Politics in CT." The 2016 Fall Conference, second session in Hartford. How much of an influence does "dark money" have on the politics of CT? Where does this money come from? How does the Citizen's Election Program in CT push back? Is "dark money" a problem? How does the "Citizens United" decision play into the equation? How can voters track the flow of money? Please watch the video below and join our knowledgeable panel to explore this important topic.

Minutes May 4, 2016

In attendance:

Adele Conniff, Barbara Thorne, Enid Oresman, Joan Davis, Karla Coe, Kate Larson, Katharine Baker, Laurie Williamson, Martha Banks, Mary Flynn, Molly Myers

Call to order: Enid Oresman

Enid welcomed Katharine Baker and congratulated her on being a 50 year member of the League as well as having been an RTM member for 20 years.

Introduction of Guest Speaker: Enid Oresman

Sarah Seelye, RTM moderator

Sarah Seelye has been the RTM moderator for the past 4 ½ years. The RTM can have as many as 100 members. At present there are 92 – 93 members. Participation rate is about 75%. 25 signatures are required to get your name on the ballot. The rules committee is discussing whether or not a member needs to attend 50% of the time in order to be automatically re-upped.

Adele Conniff asked about the state of the Hecker Avenue parcel of land. The town and the Land Trust are hoping to buy it jointly. The town has received its grant for its portion of the cost. It must purchase the land prior to receiving the check. The Land Trust is working with the state to resolve the conservation easement issue before the sale can go forward. The RTM will hold off discussion of approval until all issues are resolved.

The RTM is in the middle of the budget process and is currently dealing with a $1.6 million hole in the budget. $800,000 was recovered through cuts (or postponements) to capital projects and another $500,000 was recovered by raising the mill rate from 15.73 to 15.8. The RTM will be meeting to discuss how to find the remaining.

There is a general fund that should always be 10% of last year’s budget. It is used for items like, extra expenses from the BOE, Shuffle overages, EMS, etc. Going forward, Darien is going to be getting less money from the state because it is considered a “wealthy” town but the town is prepared for not getting anything back.

Approval of Minutes: Enid Oresman

Minutes were not received with enough time so they will be approved at the June meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Kate Larson

The budget reflects all expenses as of May 2. It does not reflect the government guide costs but does include the cost for the use of the Depot for the town official’s coffee. Also presented was the proposed budget for next year; the finance and membership drives will be combined and there is a contingency fund for possible payment for venue use.

 Membership: Molly Myers

The May 5 event has been cancelled for a few reasons. One of the target audiences, the CDSP is dealing with the budget crisis. In addition both League presidents are away. It will be rescheduled for the fall.

Volunteer of the Year: Enid Oresman

Clara Sartori was named volunteer of the year. Enid Oresman will be her presenter at the Community Fund’s Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

Government Guide: Martha Banks

The guide is completed and has been mailed. Martha thanked Deepika Saksena for her help.

 Annual Meeting: Enid Oresman

The annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 8 at the home of Sue Okie. The invitation will be forthcoming.

Darien LWV By-Law Amendments : Enid Oresman

The amendments will be voted at annual meeting

Amend Article VI Section 2 to make dues payable as of July 1st. Dues cover 7/1 – 6/30 in accordance with our fiscal year-end and conforming to state requirements.

Clarify Article VII Section 2(a) requirement to approve Programs at the Annual Meeting by adding the words “if proposed”.

LWVCT Annual Convention: Enid Oresman

No one from Darien will be attending.

Food For Thought: Karla Coe

The next FFT will take place on Thursday, May 12 from 12:30 – 2:00 at the home of Ann Ferris, 30 Hale Lane. Last month we discussed President Obama’s foreign policy.

DHS Student Video Competition: Molly Myers

Gwen Mogenson met with DHS administrators to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a video competition for high school students in the early fall. These would be one-minute public service videos about the importance of voting.

Absentee Ballots at Atria: Enid Oresman and Adele Conniff

Enid and Adele handed out absentee ballots and helped residents register to vote. The Atria staff was very helpful.

Meeting Adjourned: Enid Oresman