CT Atty General Jepsen speaking to Darien LWV


CT Attorney General George Jepsen spoke at the LWV Darien 11-16-2016 meeting on the impact of the recent lower court trial ruling "CT Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) vs Rell". To review a recording of the program, please click here.

LWVCT Fall Conference, October 2016

"Follow the Money: Money in Politics in CT." The 2016 Fall Conference, second session in Hartford. How much of an influence does "dark money" have on the politics of CT? Where does this money come from? How does the Citizen's Election Program in CT push back? Is "dark money" a problem? How does the "Citizens United" decision play into the equation? How can voters track the flow of money? Please watch the video below and join our knowledgeable panel to explore this important topic.

Minutes February 3, 2016

In Attendance: Clara Sartori, Mary Flynn, Martha Banks, Joan Davis, Carolyn Bayne, Kate Larson, Molly Myers, Laurie Williamson, Adele Conniff, Nancy Cahoon, and Mary Genco

Minutes: Call to Order and thank you to Karla Coe for taking minutes at the January meeting

Approval of Minutes of January 6, 2016 Meeting

Motion: Mary Flynn

Second: Martha Banks

All approved

Treasurers Report: Kate Larson distributed year to date financials. Not much activity this month. Total Revenue approximately $10,700.  Four “Household Members” renewed. Will be coordinating with Molly Myers (Membership) concerning proper reporting for PMP calculation.

Membership (Molly Myers): Molly has been working with the new national LWV database to make sure membership is properly recorded for the PMP calculation.

Observer Corps Light (Sartori): Thank you to January guest speakers, Pam Gery, Darien Director of Parks and Recreation and LWV member Mary Flynn, Chair of the Parks and Rec Commission for an insightful discussion of possible Weed Beach development options. The town has engaged the consulting firm of Weston and Sampson to create various designs for this town-owned property. Community input is highly encouraged.

THANK YOU to our members who worked on January events. (Clara Sartori)

Darien High School Voter Registration Drive (188 New Registered Voters – a record)! Members: Lisa Gallagher, Christa McNamara, Clara Sartori and Barbara Thorne volunteered their time. The registrars were very thankful for the support.

Legislative Coffee, January 27th

  • Thanks to Joyce and Mike Critelli for hosting this event and for Joyce’s work on coordinating the event.
  • Martha Banks, Carolyn Bayne, Joyce Critelli, Mary Genco, Clara Sartori and Laurie Williamson did extraordinary background research to develop and prioritize discussion points.
  • There was general discussion about the event including how attendance could be increased. There was also some discussion about whether this event should be open to the public going forward. No clear consensus. A suggestion was made that given Representative Tong was unable to attend, he be invited to our May meeting (as was done last year with Representatives Wood and Tong).
  • Follow up: (1) Joyce Critelli will provide the required reporting to the State League; (2) Mary Genco will send a Letter to the Editor listing some of our questions and encouraging residents to contact their elected officials with their questions; (3) Joan Davis has submitted a general newspaper article about the event.

Spotlight E-Mail Membership Newsletter (Clara Sartori): THANK YOU to Joan Davis and Ann Ferris for drafting the content and Deepika Saksena for formatting it for our website.

It was recommended that this newsletter be used as a recruiting tool for new members by forwarding it to those who might be interested in the League. Personal connection is important. A suggestion was made to have printed copies of the newsletter available.  Another suggestion was made to set up a table outside the next meeting of the RTM to sign up members. Clara will follow up on these suggestions.

Government Guide Update (Martha Banks): Thanks to Martha Banks for sourcing and organizing the data and to Deepika Saksena for making sure this is posted to our website. Martha is working on resolving which e-mail addresses for the RTM members will be included in the Guide. There was discussion on the separation of private correspondence from public correspondence subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Nominating Committee (Clara Sartori for Sue Okie)

Clara asked that members contact Sue Okie to volunteer or recommend new Board Members.

Reminder of Upcoming Events:

Food For Thought (Clara Sartori for Karla Coe)

Town Plan of Conservation and Development – POCD (Sartori)

The Darien LWV will sponsor a free and open to the public program, Monday, February 22nd, 1:00 – 3:00 pm at Louise Parker Berry Auditorium at the Darien Library. The presentation will include interactive technology to access community input. Clara requested a volunteer to join her at the Library to learn the technology.

Darien LWV and Darien Library present the film “Suffragettes”

Sunday February 28th, 2:00 pm, Louise Parker Berry Auditorium at the Darien Library. This event is free and open to the public.

Darien LWV will Co-Sponsor a Greenwich LWV Program “Money and Politics” Tuesday, March 1 Details TBD

Fairfield County Foundation “Day of Giving”

Thursday, March 10.  LWVCT Education Fund is looking to develop Spanish language voter information. More details TBD

Darien Town Officials Lunch, March Date TBD (Clara Sartori)

There was discussion about changing this event, traditionally a lunch, to a breakfast to be held at 9:30 a.m. The intent was to attract more attendees. The consensus of the meeting was to try the new time. There was discussion about changing the location including information about the different costs of various alternatives. The consensus of the meeting was to keep it at The Depot this year. Clara has had a preliminary discussion with the CDSP to possibly invite them to the event. There was discussion as to whether or not this should be made a “public event”, i.e., not one limited to a membership benefit. The general sense of the meeting was to limit any expansion of the potential audience to members of the CDSP at this time.

LWVCT Education Fund

47th Annual Symposium on International Relations (SIR)

Friday, April 8. Topic: Social Media: Global Impact on Political Involvement, Youth and Privacy.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted

Mary Genco – Acting Secretary