Minutes Annual Meeting May 25, 2017

In Attendance:  Gwen Mogenson, Clara Sartori, Stephanie Maher, Arlene Tulacro, Sue Okie, Martha Banks, Mary Genco, Tiffany O’Connor, Millyn Gaaserud, Kate Larson, Joan Davis, Shelly Skoglund, Betsy Shay, Paige Taylor, Laura Mosher, Nancy Cahoon, Sandy Filmer, Mimi vanDyke, Karla Coe, Barbara Thorne, Jim Cameron, Enid Oresman, Adele Conniff, Laurie Williamson.

Call to order:  Co-Presidents Gwen Mogenson and Clara Sartori called the meeting to order at 11:35 am and thanked Laurie Williamson for taking May 3 minutes.  As moved/seconded by Jim Cameron/Clara Sartori, members voted to approve these minutes, with abstentions by those not in attendance at May 3 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kate Larson reported finance and membership goals for the year had been met.  The past year was the first time for combining the annual finance drive with our annual membership drive, which went well.  She welcomed Stephanie Maher as new Treasurer.

Membership:  Gwen welcomed new members Tiffany O’Connor, Debra Ven, and Sally Houlihan.

LWV Volunteer of the Year:  Gwen congratulated Program Chair Karla Coe as our League’s nominee, who was honored at the May 23 Community Fund of Darien Volunteer Recognition Lunch, and Gwen also thanked her for her long service as chair of our “Food for Thought” monthly discussion group.

2017-18 Board of Directors Slate:   Nominating Chair Sue Okie presented the Slate (as e-mailed to members April 25), and thanked all who had volunteered for Board service.  Other volunteers would be welcome for Candidates Night (Oct. 24), Voters Guide, the Secretarial Team, and Social Media (subsequently filled by Jim Cameron). As moved/seconded by Jim Cameron/Kate Larson, members voted unanimously to approve the Slate.

2017-18 Budget:  Treasurer Kate Larson presented the Budget (as e-mailed to members April 25), and noted it reflected same assumptions, same projected revenues and expenses as the prior year, and it is projected to break even.  As moved/seconded by Jim Cameron/Barbara Thorne, members voted unanimously to approve the Budget.

Closing Announcements:   Gwen noted our Annual Holiday Party, a potluck BYOB dinner featuring songs by our own “Capitol Steps” group, will be held the first or second Friday in December.  Clara reminded all that Board meetings are all open to members.

Adjournment: There being no other business, as moved/seconded by Jim Cameron/Arlene Tulacro, members voted to adjourn at 12 noon to attend luncheon featuring Clyde White of political non-profit “No Labels.”

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Williamson, Co-Secretary