June 6th 2019 Minutes

Attendees:  Sue Okie,  Evonne Klein, Carolyn Bayne, Vicki Baldwin, Mary Genco, Amy Zerbe, Clara Sartori, Susan Spain, Stephanie Maher, Martha Banks, Kate Larson, Susan Vogel, Enid Oresman, Arlene Tulacro, Laura Mosher, Karla Coe, Sandy Filmer, Liz Mao, Deepika Saksena, Taylor Carter, Rosemarie Reardon, Lois Schneider, Anne Ferris, Penny Bowers, Barbara Thorne, Anstiss Agnew, Shirley Greene, Mimi Van Dyke, Jamie Stevenson, Jean Sweeney

Call to Order:  Clara Sartori called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.

Treasurers Report: Stephanie Maher reported that the bank balances at the end of May totaled $16,826.25.  She also presented the attached budget for 2019-2020.  A motion to approve the budget was made by Evonne Klein and seconded by Amy Zerbe. The budget was approved by a vote of the members.

Secretarial Report: A motion to approve the minutes of the May 1st meeting was made by Evonne Klein and seconded by Kate Larson. The minutes were approved by a vote of the members.

Volunteer of the Year:  Congratulations were extended to Shelly Skoglund. She produced the Fall 2018 Voters Guide, served as a question sorter at Candidates Night, successfully recruited many new members and then, as a member of the Nominating Committee, also successfully asked members to step up to board positions. She and other town volunteers were honored at a luncheon at the DCA on May 21st.

Food For Thought (FFT): Thanks were expressed to Karla Coe for coordinating a full year’s worth of stimulating discussion sessions, in addition to coordinating the Program Committee. Based on strong demand FFT will probably continue to meet over the summer.

Observer Corps Light: Thanks were expressed to Judy Phillips, Executive Director of the Darien/Norwalk YWCA for an informative presentation on the YWCA’s initiatives regarding women’s empowerment at our May meeting. There are many areas where our missions overlap and we hope to coordinate our efforts going forward.

Presentation of 2019-2020 proposed board slate (attached): The slate was amended to include Stacy Tie for Candidate’s night. Sue Okie then thanked everyone for volunteering, especially newer members. Nominations were solicited from the floor for open positions. At-large members will be asked to assist with secretarial duties and other ad-hoc needs. Volunteers are welcome to join the 100th LWV Anniversary Planning Committee. A motion was made by Barbara Thorne and seconded by Stephanie Maher to approve/amend the proposed board slate. The members voted to approve the slate.

Recap of 2018-2019 LWV Activities: Kate Larson presented a summary of activities.

Speaker for 2020: The agenda was amended to discuss paying a speaker, Rebecca Traister, for a program next year. It could be a high profile event, celebrating the LWV 100th Anniversary and expanding Darien LWV visibility.  The speaker’s fee is $20,000, but Ms.Traister’s publicist suggested submitting a “best offer” proposal as the author/speaker likes to see all speaking invitations and may agree to speak at the League’s event for less. Clara Sartori asked for a sense of the meeting vote and the Board agreed that Susan Vogel and Evonne Klein are authorized to explore the feasibility of a maximum speaker’s fee of $10,000. The discussion also included partnering with local businesses, particularly women-owned businesses neighboring LWV chapters.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM with a motion by Clara Sartori, seconded by Kate Larson. Members then proceeded to tea, with Annual Meeting Speaker Kate Farrar, Executive Director, Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Baldwin, Secretary