CT Atty General Jepsen speaking to Darien LWV


CT Attorney General George Jepsen spoke at the LWV Darien 11-16-2016 meeting on the impact of the recent lower court trial ruling "CT Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) vs Rell". To review a recording of the program, please click here.

LWVCT Fall Conference, October 2016

"Follow the Money: Money in Politics in CT." The 2016 Fall Conference, second session in Hartford. How much of an influence does "dark money" have on the politics of CT? Where does this money come from? How does the Citizen's Election Program in CT push back? Is "dark money" a problem? How does the "Citizens United" decision play into the equation? How can voters track the flow of money? Please watch the video below and join our knowledgeable panel to explore this important topic.

Local Positions

LWV Darien’s stand on local issues

HOUSING: Housing Options

The LWV of Darien, recognizing that a well-planned, stable and desirable residential community should have diverse housing options, encourages action by the town to plan and promote diverse housing options for those whose needs are not currently being met.

Adopted 1986;  Amended and reaffirmed May, 1994;   Rewritten May, 1997; 

Reaffirmed May, 2000;  Amended and reaffirmed June, 2010.

LAND USE: Parks and Beaches

1. The Darien League of Women Voters supports proper and adequately financed maintenance and care of Darien’s park grounds and equipment. We support the hiring of adequate personnel to administer and maintain Darien’s parks and beaches.

2. The League encourages imaginative development to increase public use of Darien’s existing parks. We support public recreational facilities for children.

3. The League believes that the Town should take advantage of any favorable opportunities to acquire land for parkland, open space, or natural areas.

Adopted April, 1988;   Rewritten June, 1992;  Amended and reaffirmed June 2010

TOWN GOVERNMENT: Ethics Legislation

The Darien League of Women Voters supports a code of ethics and a Board of ethics independent of the political process. The League supports disclosure by Town officials of real estate ownership (excluding place of residence) and business interests in Town. Such disclosure requirements should not apply to RTM members.

Adopted 1976;  Rewritten June, 1977 and April, 1991;  Revised June, 2002.