Boards and Commissions


Advisory Board of Health Kevin Cunningham 253-3634
Advisory Commission Coastal Waters Flip Huffard (917) 882-0854
Advisory Parking Committee Jim Cameron 655-0138
Affordable Housing Trust Fund Sam Fuller
Architectural Review Board Liz Geiger
Area Nine Cable Council Jim Cameron 655-0138
David Dever 324-7845
Beautification Commission Suzanne Schutte 655-3795
Commission on Aging Joseph Pankowski 327-2300
Consolidated Services Working Group Frank Huck 655-6382
Darien TV79 Advisory Board Jim Cameron 655-0138
Environmental Protection Com. Eric Joosten
Five Mile River Commission Matthew Marion 866-4050
Harbormaster Tom Bell 253-9519
Housing Authority Jan Raymond 655-9662
Human Service Commission Rachel Martin 240-4476
Justices of the Peace Contact through Town Hall 656-7300
Monuments & Ceremonies Phil Kraft 656-0003 x-301
Park & Recreation Committee Mary Flynn 655-4849
Police Commission J. Paul Johnson 324-6777
Police Pension Board Michael DosSantos 662-5300
Energy and Recyling Advisory Group Craig Flaherty 595-9535
Sewer Commission Bob Riith 348-6957
SW CT Emergency Medical Council Candace Bartlett 655-0373
Town Historian Mariann Castell 655-9546
Town Pension Board Kelly Galvin 340-9560
Weed Beach Building Committee Lori Bora 722-6869
Youth Commission Geoffrey Ball (293) 858-5990
Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WCCOG) Jamie Stevenson 656-1616
Zoning Board of Appeals Michael Nedder